About Us

Efficient, Flexible and Powerful.

Olymspan- your partner for success
With Intelligence and flexible solution, Olymspan lead its customer to success. Experience, reliability and passion are the basic for long lasting relationship.

The Secret of our success in the future profitability of our customer.

Olymspan is the best leading manufacturer and supplier of Boiler, Pressure Vessel, Autoclave and Engineering Components for various industries. Our experience the quality of our product and the constant dialogue with our partner have contributed to the success of our customer worldwide.

The planning and design of our Equipment all the basic principal, which are fundamental to “Engineered in China & International”

Quality: Proven Technology, customized solution and durable equipment Profitability: Economical – without compromising efficiency
Safety: Comprehensive safety solutions in consultation with customer

What is Olymspan?

  • O-Organised
  • L-Logical
  • Y-Yield
  • M-Magnificent
  • S-Supportive
  • P-Powerful
  • A-Ability
  • N-Noble